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Express Appliance Repair is your premium Gulf Breeze appliance repair company. Whether you are looking for kitchen appliance repairs, refrigerator repairs, water heater repairs or more, we will save you time and money. You can call Express Appliance Repair now for same day service! We'll repair your appliances quickly, professionally and affordably!

Located at the end of the Fairpoint peninsula in Santa Rosa County, Gulf Breeze residents can enjoy 18 waterfront miles or take a short drive to Pensacola. Popular for water sports and family fun, Gulf Breeze is features some of Florida's best unspoiled park properties.

Washer and Dryer Repair

Not everyone has the time or the quarter collection to head to the local laundromat every week. If you're in need of washing machine repair or dryer repair in Gulf Breeze, Florida, look no further than Express Appliance repair.

Stove and Oven Repair

You don't have to be an aspiring chef to understand the importance of a working oven. While replacing a stove can cost a pretty penny, our trained and certified Gulf Breeze oven repair specialists can repair your stove for a fraction of the cost.

Refrigerator Repair

Don't sacrifice the freshness of your food to a broken refrigerator. Express Appliance Repair has years of experience with high-quality refrigerator repair in Gulf Breeze.

Gulf Breeze Appliance Repair

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"They came out the same day I called to fix my leaking dishwasher. It works great now! Definitely give them a call if you need dishwasher repair in Gulf Breeze!"

-Gulf Breeze Resident, Sarah S.



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